Beginner Level Animations

Beginner Level Animations








This is a one (1) month, beginner level, animation course that will incorporate GoAnimate for Schools to create introductory skill level animations. Registration is now open and you may start the course anytime after July 17, 2017.

What is included in course...

  1. Access to animation software for 1 month
  2. Access to at least two (2) synchronous sessions during course
  3. Access to asynchronous course here at Mind Over Tutors Online Academy
  4. Access to discussion boards to share ideas and ask questions
  5. Access to Mind Over Tutors storyboarding tools in order to plan and design your animations

Course Goal: To give students an understanding of beginning level animations and afford them an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills learned during the course.

Course Objectives...

  1. Students will be able to design and develop a GoAnimate animation using a GoAnimate template.
  2. Students will be able to storyboard an animation. 
  3. Students will know how to submit animations for uploading and sharing.


1 Welcome and Orientation
2 Storyboarding
3 Create Animations Using Templates
4 Uploading Videos For Sharing and Editing
5 Synchronous Sessions and Recordings
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Gizzy Gizmo
7/24/2017 7:28 PM
Really enjoying the setup and flow of this LMS. Easy to navigate and a very clean look. The synchronous classes are an added bonus. GoAnimate makes creating animations a piece of cake. There are lots of concepts to learn though and I look forward to the intermediate and advance courses.

USD 35.00

Course Summary

Topics 5
Discussions 3
Starts On 8/12/2017
Registration Begins 7/15/2017


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